SOK Battery 48V100Ah Server Rack Battery

SOK Battery 48V100Ah Server Rack Battery

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  • Description

    48 Volt (51.2 Nominal) 100Ah, 5.12 kWh

    7 Year Typical Lifespan & 10 Year Warranty

    Cells rated for 80% Capacity after 4000 Cycles, 100% DOD @1C Rate Typical capacity at 80% DOD @.5C Rate is over 7000 Cycles

    Maintenance Free

    Built-In Smart Battery Management System (BMS)

    5 Temperature sensors, protected from low and high temperatures

    Pre-Charge Circuit to Prevent BMS Damage

    Detachable cover, user serviceable BMS and cells

    RS485 & CANBus communication, works with many inverters

    Rack Mountable for quick and easy installation

  • Specifications

    Electrical Properties:


    Nominal Voltage:51.2 (48v Range)

    Nominal Capacity:100Ah

    Run Time at 20A Load (~1000w):300 Minutes


    Self Discharge:< 3% per month

    Max Batteries in Series:1

    Max Batteries in Parallel (with BMS communication):16*


    Discharge Performance

    Max Continuous Discharge Current:100A (1C)

    Peak Discharge Current:200A (3 Seconds, automatic shutdown)

    BMS Low-Voltage Disconnect:42v

    BMS Low-Voltage recover:46v


    Charge Performance

    Recommended Charge Current:0~63A

    Maximum Charge Current (Continuous):100A

    Recommended Charge (Absorption) Voltage:58.2

    BMS Cell Protection Voltage:3.7v

    BMS Pack Protection Voltage:>58.2v


    Temperature Performance

    Discharge Temperature:-4°F – 140°F

    Charge Temperature:32°F – 113°F

    Storage Temperature:23°F – 95°F

    Low Temperature Charge Protection:Yes

    Internal Temperature Sensors:4 Cell Sensors, 1 BMS Sensor, 1 Ambient Air Sensor


    Physical Properties

    Case Material:Powder-Coated Steel

    Rack Mountable:Yes, 4U

    Dimensions:Width: 17.5in / Height: 7in / Depth: 18in

    Unit Weight:99.2Lbs

    Weather Rating:IP20

    Third Party Testing:UL1642 & UL9540 testing in progress.    Anticipated September 2022 / UL1973 (Cells)

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